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I thought it would be really helpful for me, and potentially entertaining for others, to share all my goals in one post so I can always look back at everything I have achieved or stuff that I still have to work towards.

So let’s go!

- Publish the ’Abuse’ short film in 2019

- Hit 500 Followers on my photography Instagram

- Organise my own charity event

- Create regular content on YouTube and Instagram

- Make another Band Documentary

- Reach 1K YT followers

- Go on tour with a band (as a photographer/videographer)

- Have a speaking role in a film

- Direct a feature length film

- Sell a piece of my art

- Get paid properly for my work

- Be financially independent from my family

- Have my own place

- Upgrade my Camera

- Film with the Alexa Mini

I will add more goals as I go but these are the ones for now!

marie x

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